The seed for Certified Official was planted back in 2018, when inspiration struck the owner and founder of Certified Official, Mark
With an eye for style and a love for street wear, he wanted to inspire those who share his passion to look and feel as dope as they are. With a firm belief that the way you look directly relates to how you feel, he set out to curate a selection of urban-wear fit for the outcast
Fast-forward to 2021, and Mark was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite his diagnosis, he was determined to bring his ideas to life. Having always wanted to be his own boss, and having a colorful background of criminal history, he saw Certified Official as a powerful way to give back and realize his dream.
We want to lead by example, never accepting the perceptions others have of you as the end all be all. We want to change the narrative of what people believe they’re capable of, especially those who have been through or share our background. We believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. Belief, dedication, and desire are all you need to become your greatest version. Helping you prove the naysayers’ wrong drives us to be better and do more. Through our streetwear, we hope to keep you looking certified official every day of the week.
Certified Official does more than fill an online store with streetwear or trendy items. We are changing the narrative by creating products of higher quality. Our products are designed for anyone and everyone who is good at what they do and never afraid to dream big and take the risks needed to master their craft. That’s why every stitch of our clothing and every piece of our products are made from the finest material available. We hand-select our partners and manufacturers to ensure that what arrives at your doorstep is truly worthy of your investment.
The vision for our team is to deliver the highest quality products that bend the rules of the possible and empower you to excel at your own field and whatever you are called to do. You are the leader of your team. Wear our clothing to remind yourself and the world that you truly are, Certified Official!
More than just a clothing and merch label, Certified Official is a brand that tells its own story. We are deep in the trenches in this story—it isn’t just for show. Striving to be great through our story and our brand, we are here to uplift our customers to be the same. There is no background and no challenge in life that can keep you from rewriting your narrative and changing your outcome. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur or a single parent, you have unlimited potential to create the life you want. Our brand inspires you to continue to exercise your abilities. Stay inspired. Stay a leader. Be Certified Official!