As most people were aware, the founder and CEO of Certified Official, Mark Tawha, was diagnosed with Terminal cancer at the end of last year. Mark has fought a long and hard battle since being diagnosed and managed to beat the odds he was given. Unfortunately Mark passed away Monday afternoon. Our objective is to continue to carry out Marks legacy through the brand that he has put his heart and soul into, which we intend on doing through Certified Official. Please be aware, that due to this, there will be a delay on all orders until we have put Mark to rest. Thank you for your time and patience during this period and thank you always, for your support. And as Mark would say, Keep it #certifiedinthastreets and #officialinthagame

We Don’t Follow The Crowd—We Lead It

Whether you want to follow the trends or create them, Certified Official gear makes it easy to express yourself with clothing that’s truly from the street.

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